A model of mind

A person’s mind is divided into conscious and subconscious.

The subconsciousness is often called ‘the most effective agency used to achieve goals known to humankind’. The subconsciousness leads one to the defined goal through accidental events and unbelievable situations. What is even more, the subconsciousness does not distinguish good and evil, it has no analytic abilities.

Some of the researchers compare it to a child endowed with great power. That is why it is very important to be careful while working with it. When a specific reaction is defined, it can be very difficult to change it. Usually one is not aware of what is going on in his or her subconsciousness. One experiences only the effects of subconsciousness’s activities for example in form of obesity, financial problems; or just the opposite in form of fit figure, plenty of money. It is good to remember that one is shaped by a traumatic past; in consequence the established and incorrect reactions affect the subconsciousness. It creates illogical and senseless decisions. If one smelled a scent and something terrible happened, one’s subconsciousness could associate the smell with the situation. From this moment on one can associate the specific smell with anxiety or panic attack. Sometimes one can try consciously change the reactions when one realises that kind of behaviour is pointless.

This is the moment when conscious part of one’s mind enters and resides. This is the place where one sets oneself a targets and very often looses with stronger emotions, coming from subconsciousness. Usually emotions are stronger than the will. It is also important to remember that stronger emotion supplants the weaker one. When one decides to go on a diet and lose some kilograms but he or she gives up after a few days, the strong will is not enough. He or she surrenders to common way of reacting and acting. If the ‘programme’ set in subconsciousness is closer to one’s goal it is possible to become successful.

Change of subconscious ‘programme’ can be difficult and the reason is the critical factor, which filters the data between conscious and subconscious mind. The filter is so-called RAS (Reticular Activating System). Its task is to filter the information which reach the subconsciousness. It should work for one’s good sake, but same as subconsciousness it cannot distinguish the good or bad information. That is why if one thinks he or she is ugly and someone tells him or her ‘you look good’ the person will reject the information. The information is not harmonised with one’s belief system. In an opposite situation when somebody tells him or her ‘you look bad today’ the critical factor will accept the suggestion and let it in the subconsciousness causing its reinforcement. The model also explains why do people act in illogical way, in one’s mind there is a force which strives to fulfil its goals.