About me

Artur Sołtys DCH

Artur Sołtys is a certified clinical hypnotherapist.

Artur SołtysHis experience with people who underwent the hypnosis shows that one’s approach towards the world, one’s reactions to external stimuli, manner of behaviour, thinking and showing emotions are being shaped since the prenatal period.

For the purpose of exploring secrets of subconsciousness and using them in the hypnotherapy, he decided to study at Institute of Clinical Hypnosis in London, one of the leading schools in Great Britain.

With intention to use the gained knowledge in practice, he explored the understanding of humans’ behaviour and influence of subconsciousness on one’s everyday life.

He is an author of a book “Self-hypnosis will heal your life” (available only in polish).

Artur is also a meditation teacher and deeply encourages everyone to meditate for their wellbeing. In his work he combines techniques from different spiritual traditions.

He cooperates with therapists and healers from Poland and other countries and as a consequence he can exchange the experience and educate himself constantly. He focuses mainly on the approach towards human as a unique individuality, which is woven into interactions between many levels of multidimentional reality.

His main interests are healing methods which were, and still are practiced by various healers all over the world.

Many years ago he also became interested in shamanism and with time he has come to a conclusion that only holistic healing, that is to say, treating a human being as a complex system both on the physical and energy plane, can achieve long-lasting and notable effects.

Thanks to the cooperation with medicine people and healers mainly from South America, he began to understand how complex is a process of healing. Apart from the physical aspect one should also take care of energy field and soul, because this is the level on which most of the problems have their roots. That is why the healing should be conducted on that level of depth.

Nowadays, common beliefs from the past are inefficient to face up new situations and can limit one’s full potential. To be fully satisfied with your life one has to change himself/herself in the same way the life changes. Using one’s potential which is hidden in subconsciousness and other levels of the mind and unlocking one’s inner wisdom can facilitate this process very much.

Artur’s task as a therapist it to teach new beneficial skills and way of reacting to the environment by using one’s potential hidden in concious, subconcious and superconcious mind. He also teaches how to remove barriers and obstacles which hinder one’s development. He helps to reach the inner wisdom, which is hidden in every person.

That is why, as a therapist, under the influence of scientific knowledge, he is also opened to spirituality, in its broadened sense, which is essential in the therapeutic work.