Every hypnosis is an autohypnosis because you let yourself enter into trance. The role of hypnotherapist is to help you get into the state.

To learn how to hypnotize yourself you can take part in individual sessions as well as in cyclic workshops organised by Artur. Workshops are especially recommended because it is possible to exchange the experiences and practice particular techniques. The study of autohypnosis is a very pleasant process.

Autohypnotic techniques/ Learning autohypnosis

When teaching the autohypnosis Artur equips people with tools which they can use all their lives with great advantage. Thanks to mastering the proper ways of entering the trance one can not only change and programme his or her behaviour and reactions but also go deeper in understanding the true self. By connection with your inner life you develop intuition, enter the higher levels of consciousness and connect with the energy of creation. All this you can use to find your path of life (so-called heart path) and for personal development in every field. As you probably presume autohypnosis shows you splendid possibilities and it depends only on you how many advantages will you decide to implement.

You will be able for example:

  • Enter the trance, control its depth,
  • Give yourself autosuggestions,
  • Connect with healing energy/love/creative energy,
  • Form desired habits and control your behaviour,
  • Lose weight,
  • Reduce stress,
  • Overcome unnecessary fear,
  • Visualise effectively,
  • Control the pain,
  • Improve intuition,
  • Solve problems creatively,
  • Improve quality of your life,
  • Achieve more benefits

You can learn how to enter a deep trance in few seconds – there are people who enter the trance and work with their subconsciousness while waiting in a queue to a doctor or while travelling by train. The only matter is to practice what can be a very easy and pleasant process.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.