Solve other problems

Posttraumatic stress disorder, stuttering, chronic fatigue syndrome, problems with jealousy, blushing and many other problems can be treated by hypnotherapy. As far as the Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is concerned it is defined as a reaction to a traumatic event or being its witness. Traumatic events can be: a serious accident, a natural disaster, assault, rape, sexual harassment or any other traumatizing event. Usually people recover from such events but in some cases the situation can get worse with time at the same time hindering normal life. Such people can experience undesired thoughts, nightmares, flashbacks or memories connected with trauma. They cannot cope with situations reminding them of traumatic experience. The problems can concern emotions, spending time with other people, amnesia, strange sensations, excessive excitation, anxiety, sleeplessness or insomnia or headaches. Also bursts of anger, irritation, depression, self destructive behaviour, abuse of drugs and alcohol etc. If any of described problems concerns you it is possible to improve your life with help of hypnosis. It helps to get rid of unwanted conditions and liberate the tension accumulated as a consequence of trauma. It teaches new automatic ways of dealing with difficult situations. Hypnotherapy is one of the best solutions in that scope of problems and if you would like to get rid of problems, please contact me.

Very often stuttering has its source in a past event, almost always forgotten by a conscious mind, usually form early childhood. In hypnotic trance I can help you to recall the event and to ease tension which causes problems with pronunciation and then conduct the treatment of the problem. Stuttering can be treated also with help of direct suggestions or other techniques but the process depends on individual factors. So if you want to stop stuttering I invite you to individual session.

Other problem that can be solved by hypnosis is blushing. Everyone who has problems with blushing knows how unpleasant reaction it is. Hypnosis has an effect directly on that part of mind responsible for blushing, the subconscious mind, that is why it is possible to get rid of that problem throughout the stress control and change the reaction to the stimuli. Hypnosis will help you to regain control and self-confidence.

Burnout and Chronic Fatigue syndrome are also subjected to hypnosis. A person feels low level of energy, does not draw pleasure form activities, feels burnout and permanently tired both emotionally and physically. He or she can be irritated, suffer from sleeplessness, is not able to relax, can abuse alcohol, feel muscle tension or have gastric problems. Treatment can consist of taking medicines but hypnotherapy can help without including pharmacological medicines. In hypnotherapy you can re-programme your mind and re-adopt to desired lifestyle. Together we can find the reasons of stress and reinforce you both emotionally and physically. You can get rid of sleeplessness and regain control over your life.

In the case of relationship problems hypnotherapy can turn out to be helpful. The consummating jealousy is very often the problem. Reasons for jealousy can be many but one has to realise that he or she gains nothing. Even if the jealousy is justified it will not help solving the problem and emotions will disturb the clarity of thoughts and lead one astray. With a help of hypnotherapy the reasons for jealousy can be found, self-confidence can be improved and enjoy the relationship anew.