Weight control

The very word diet carries the meaning of temporariness. Usually when one goes on a diet he or she starts to eat in a totally different manner. It means that he or she opposes the eating habits controlled by subconscious mind.

That is why the effects are short-lived. For sometime one fights with subconscious mind but in the end he or she loses. When one ceases the diet he or she automatically comes back to previous eating habits, quite often ending up in the worse condition then before.

The subconscious mind comprises and sustains all people’s eating convictions and habits. Those elements are deeply rooted in one’s mind and very often one is unaware of their roots. There is a great power in subconscious mind so it does not matter how hard one tries to change his or her eating habits; the subconsciousness will almost always win with the conscious resolution. It means that one will come back to previous habits and customs which he or she tried to fight against.

Hypnosis allows to speak directly to the subconscious mind and speed up the process of changes through changing the set of habits and convictions. The subconsciousness is much stronger than consciousness but it assimilates new wanted information when the critical factor is bypassed. Such a situation takes place during the hypnotic session. During the hypnotic trance it is easier to conduct long-lasting positive changes when the goal of consciousness becomes also the goal of subconsciousness. Instead of fighting against the subconscious mind one starts to cooperate. Very often it happens that one reaches the ideal weight without any effort just with pleasure!

Hypnosis is a perfect way to build healthy eating habits and support high motivation. It is also a key to amazing results.

It is enough to decide on a diet mentally and you will automatically lose weight!

The overweight is usually a symptom of some problem. Through hypnotherapy it is possible to find it, remove it and substitute it with new desired way of eating.

  1. You will eat health food with pleasure thanks to the hypnosis!
  2. You will also start exercising and with no effort you will lose unnecessary kilograms!