Stress, anxiety, neurosis controll

Controlling the Stress Level

People usually think, that stressful situations are negative, however, situations commonly perceived as positive also cause stress e.g. promotion, work abroad, wedding etc. Stress is caused mainly by fear of change, not the change itself.

The stress can have few sources: environment, body, mind or emotions. The level of stress is a response to the stimulus, however it depends on an individual. Distinctive reaction shows that if one can control the level of stress it makes his life easier. Hypnosis is an excellent way to learn how to reduce stress.

To some extent stress helps people to survive, it increases the vigilance, inspires, increases the creativity. However, if it’s level is too high it can harm in many ways.

  1. During the hypnosis session one is really relaxed what helps to experience the stress situations being calm. One learns a new way of reacting to the stimuli.
  2. It is easier to learn the proper reaction in trance which is being played out in real situations later. One’s automatic reaction will change.
  3. While exposed to stress situation one will be able to rely on the resources built while he or she was calm, relaxed, self-confident and everything was under control.
  4. Sometimes situations which previously were very stressful can cease to be negative at all.
  5. Hypnosis is an ideal way to learn new techniques which are very useful in everyday life. One can for example learn breathing techniques, positive thinking or being assertive (self-confident) what translates to desired reactions in problematic situations.
  6. Hypnosis is an example of the technique which is used to reduce stress and change specific behaviour. A detailed procedure is fitted to individual needs.


Anxiety is an unpleasant state in which many emotions combine, for example fear or worry. It is often accompanied by physical sensations such as heart palpitation, nausea, pain in the chest, shortened breath or headache which is a result of a tension. If one has a difficult situation at work or at home his or her stress can be transposed to other areas of life and cause a permanent feeling of anxiety. Hypnosis is very helpful in healing anxiety. In some cases it is possible to find the reason of anxiety with a help of regression. In other cases it is possible to learn techniques of handling the anxiety.

Every case is treated individually.

Controlling the anger

Anger is a completely normal reaction, which everyone feels from time to time, however, sometimes one loses control over it. This is the moment when anger has a devastating influence. When one is not able to control his or her anger he or she is at its mercy. Uncontrolled anger leads to problems at home, work or can affect any other area of life.

In the end it can ruin one’s health, in the same way as any other negative emotion which is getting out of control. While angry one’s body undergoes some physiological processes for example, heartbeat accelerates, blood pressure rises, adrenaline is being produced. The body is getting prepared to express physical aggression (fight) or escape. That kind of reactions were very useful to our ancestors but nowadays is socially unaccepted.

In such a situations the ability to control one’s negative emotions is essential. To improve one’s quality of life it is very useful to learn how to control outbursts of anger.. Hypnotherapy offers a sequence of techniques helpful in regaining the control over one’s reactions as well as relaxation techniques. Hypnosis can help to unlearn undesired behaviour and to acquire new ways of managing unwanted emotions.