Good health, both physical and psychical, is an essential component of a happy life. Many elements depend on the state of one’s health. One usually starts to think about health when undesirable changes have already occurred. It is clear that nothing can replace prevention – a healthy lifestyle. Hypnosis seems to be helpful at any stage. In general it will help to learn and reinforce such a lifestyle which will contribute to unalloyed celebration of everyday life. However, if one does not pay attention to style of his life, what does he eat or cannot deal with stress his organism sooner or later will let him know that something is not right. It can react with variety of health problems.

Hypnotherapy has fabulous effects in cases of psychosomatic illness such as: irritable bowel syndrome and many others. If you suffer from insomnia which is often connected with stress, the hypnotherapy can help you very much. The other disorder connected with sleep is a nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) very frequent in case of children. If your child suffers from this illness the hypnotherapy for children can be the best solution. Complementarity is a great scope for activity for hypnosis, it cooperates with practically any other kind of therapy or treatment. Through the trance effects of conventional medicine can be enhanced or the side effects can be limited.

In fight against addictions such as smoking cigarettes/marijuana, alcoholism, gambling, overeating and others, hypnosis helps both as a main therapy and as a complementing therapy with great results. Problems of mental nature such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and many others also can be subjected to modification or treating by hypnotherapy. Not to mention the limitation of pre- and post-operating stress and speeding up the recovery.

Hypnotherapy can also help in problems connected with fertilization which are often accompanied by accumulated stress. It can be used as a main therapy or as a complementary therapy to in vitro fertilization.

Hypnotherapy is used to control the level of experienced pain, however, a consultation with a doctor is highly recommended. Pain is a signal that body sends to draw our attention to some kind of problem. It is important to find out what is the source of pain before a hypnotic removal of it follows. Hypnotherapy can also help to get rid of various nervous twitches. Stuttering is another problem often connected with a traumatic experience (usually not remembered consciously) which can be solved by hypnotherapy.

The list can be elaborated on, that is why in case of any general or detailed questions please, contact me.