Previous workshops for many participants were milestones in understanding the true self and enabled them to control their lives. For others they were ways of improving almost every aspect of life. The workshops are created with a view to people who want to learn the autohypnosis and use the skill while developing their minds.

Autohypnosis and meditation techniques which you will master during the workshops will help you to change a way of functioning and understanding the reality. You will bring more influence on your everyday life and take control over it.

During the workshops we will take up not only programming the mind but also broader context of reality without which one cannot understand how to develop the mind.

Learning autohypnosis and meditation during the workshops include connecting with higher consciousness what helps obtaining remarkable effect on every field of life.

Autohypnosis can be used to control habits, stress, programming the success, healing on a physical and psychical level, overcoming the phobias, improving the motivation, spiritual/personal/career development. This list can be elaborated on endlessly. Autohypnosis influences the mind and the mind creates reality so the potential of autohypnosis is almost unlimited…