About hypnosis

There are many definitions of hypnosis; it is so because nobody was able to fully describe this phenomenon. American definition describes the hypnosis as bypassing the mind’s critical factor and setting accepted and chosen way of thinking. Other definitions describe it as an altered state of consciousness, naturally existing state of mind that we enter and exit all the time. Hypnosis is also described as a state of focused attention during which the exterior stimuli are ignored.

Various definitions have their sources in different understanding of the phenomenon.

The most important thing about hypnosis is that there is nothing mysterious about it. It can be described as a relaxation state. It is natural and altered state of consciousness during which a person can concentrate on a chosen aspect, not taking into consideration other aspects. If one happened to drive home without realising how was it done (so-called autopilot), he or she was in a hypnotic state. If one watched TV forgetting about one’s backache, it was a hypnotic state too. The other example can be driving on the highway when the hours are passing and one seems not to notice that. The moment one wakes up or falls asleep is also a moment of trance.

During the hypnotic session, one allows the hypnotherapist help entering the state of trance. Every hypnosis is an autohypnosis, which means that one hypnotises himself or herself, the hypnotherapist is only a guide. This means that one can always come out of the trance anytime he or she wants.

The advantage of being hypnotised is bypassing the mind’s critical factor what facilitates assimilation of the positive suggestions. The process is much easier than in a normal state of mind. One’s subconsciousness does not distinguish between imagination and reality, that is why, it is easier to achieve desired changes with help of imaginery, suggestions and other techniques.

It is possible to exercise mentally and emotionally desired behaviour and make it a part of a person. It is possible to reach a traumatic incident and change reaction to it from negative to positive. If some past events limit one’s potential, it is possible to change his or her perception in such a way that those events do not affect them anymore.

The mind has a fundamental influence on one’s body (nervous system, immunological system etc.) what makes the hypnosis a powerful tool in healing many afflictions. It can be combined with other forms of therapy what effects in sometimes miraculous results!