Regression – Progression

Recalling of the events that are hidden under the level of one’s consciousness is a regressiion therapy. One can be liberated from events and conflicts from the past which influence one’s mental or physical state. Regression therapy includes not only moving back to the memories from present life but also to memories from past lives.

A simple example can be a phobia arisen from a traumatic experience which one does not remember. More complex therapy can concern a victim of rape, a person who was abused in the childhood or, for example, a person who experienced a situation which threatened his or her life. Panic attacks, outbursts of emotions or mental block can be symptoms in such cases. In hypnotic regression we come back to the problem’s cause – ISE Initial Sensitising Event. Then in a safe and structured way we transform the memory, healing the problem. The whole procedure consists of few approaches taken from different therapies for example Gestalt therapy, Reich’s body psychotherapy and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming). Often happens that people curious of their former incarnations come to undergo the therapy. Regardless of the belief system, regression to former incarnation turns out to be highly effective form of the therapy. It helps to enter a higher level of understanding the reality which helps in everyday’s functioning. What is more, the hypnotic techniques used to reach regression can also be used in case of progression. The opposite of regression is progression, it means that a person in trance can see his or her future! He or she can check how the taken decisions will affect his or her life. If one is facing a dilemma the progression can show the way of further conduct. It is possible to check what will be the results of particular decisions and understand what kind of conduct will be beneficial.